#1 Thunder Hold Off #3 Avengers To Win In Overtime 22-16

by Michael Torres

So the stage was set on February 26th at 7:00pm. The Thunder can win and prove that they're ready for another championship run, and the Avengers can show that they're the team to worry about in the EAFL. Saturday came and went, so what did we learn. 

* The Thunder proved that they're for real.

*  The Avengers put everyone one notice that they're a contender.

Both teams battled it out for 4 quarters and when the zeros hit the scoreboard it was 16-16.  The game would be settled in Overtime as the Thunders had the ball first and scored on their first procession putting the score at 22-16. The Avengers moved the ball to the 7 yardline and on 4th down on an out-route to the front right pilon the Bold City CB made a great play to knock the ball away to seal the victory for the visiting team. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that the Avengers will be looking for payback at some point during the season. This was a great game for the "Game Of The Week" in the EAFL inaugural fist week! We look forward to more outstanding matchups in the coming weeks, stay tuned!