2 of the top teams in AA-Division do battle in Bowl Bash.

by Michael Torres

The stage is set and the 2 teams in the EAFL's new AA-Division are ready to do battle in February. The 2nd Annual "Bowl Bash" has 2 of the top teams in the AA-Division ready to do battle. Let's look at the 2 teams...

central florida colts

Coming into their first year the Colts aren't rookies when it comes down to Owner, Coaches, or Players. They come in with a lot of Veterans that can make an immediate impact on the field. Owner Matt Parsons his self is no newbie in the game of amateur football as an Owner, or player. The City of Orlando has seen 2 great organizations with championships under their belts like the Orlando Rage and the Orlando Phantoms. The question is can the Colts match what those 2 organizations did in the past or will they fall short? February 10, 2024 will answer all those questions, will the Colts be known as a serious contender for the AA-Division title, or will they get exposed by a tough Hawks team from Hernando County?

hernando county hawks

The Hawks had a very rough season in 2023, and with a lot of questions in the air 2024 recruitment was a must for talent on both sides of the ball. Well... it looks like the Hawks got what they needed to help fill the spots that were sorely needed. Owner Austin Webster has done an outstanding job in recruiting and bringing in talent to the Hawks organization. EAFL Nation has picked the Hawks to win it all this season in the AA-division, but can they pull it off? The first step in making it happen is beating the Central Florida Colts on February 10, 2024. This game can either confirm what EAFL Nation thinks about the H.C. Hawks, or it will let EAFL Nation know they were all wrong about the H.C. Hawks!