#3 D.C. Raiders vs #6 S.F. Browns, "game of the week"

by EAFL Nation

To say this is just one game out of ten and nothing more would be a bold face LIE, this game means everything. The Dade County Raiders lost last year in a championship game and look for redemption. On the other hand you have the South Florida Browns who are loaded with experienced veterans and coaches. Both teams won big week one, but to be honest that means nothing now, and all that matters is Saturday night March 4th at 7:00pm. Both teams know what's at stake and they know all eyes will be on them to see who is for real and who is full of hot are. It will be a battle down south where a lot of talent will be on displayed, but what EAFL nation wants to know is what QB will make the necessary plays to lift their team over the hump Saturday night? And what QB will choke? 

Game will be Livestreamed on "Beaufort's Own Productions". Link will be posted on the front page of the eaflusa.com website.