#3 South Florida Wolverines prepare for battle against the #9 South florida browns March 23rd

by EAFL Nation

March 23rd the #3 South Florida Wolverines will walk into Saturday night's game against the 2023 EAFL Champs #9 South Florida Browns at 4-0, but at the end of the game will they leave out 5-0? There are a few big questions when it comes to the Wolverines and if they can pull off the win....

1) Can their QB play do enough against a Browns front 7 that is vicious?

2) Can the Wolverines offensive line hold up against the Browns dominant front 4?

3) Will they be able to shut down the Browns offensive ground game?

4) Can the Wolverines defensive front put pressure on the Browns big QB?

On the same note the Browns have a few questions of their own after an embarrassing lost in their home opener against the Southwest Florida Gladiators 32-24. The Browns did regroup and beatdown the Miami Spartans 48-6, but the question remains, "are they ready for another dog fight"? These are the questions we have for the Browns...

1) Are the Browns ready for a big game with much at stake right now?

2) Will they go in confident as a team, or will they allow doubt to creep in?

3) Can they make enough plays to put the Wolverines away quickly?

4) If they fall behind in the game will thing start to unravel?

Many questions to be asked but none of these answers will be answered until the ball is kicked off and helmets start colliding. EAFL Nation will promise everyone this much, this game will be won in the TRENCHES and whichever team can control that part of the game will win EASY.