EAFL 21 teams are ready!!!

by EAFL Staff

The Argyle Avengers are ready to compete in the EAFL in 2022. The Avengers came off a great season losing in the championship game in the FCFL. They look to improve their 2021 season as they head into the EAFL, and expect to win the championship in 2022.
The Bay Area Reapers out of St. Petersburg, Florida aren't new to amateur football, and they aren't new to competition. They are coming in with veteran owners and players. They continue to build on  their 2021 team to show everyone they mean business.
The Atlanta Tiger have been around for 7 years with a solid organization and team. Year 8 they look to take the final step and crown themselves the #1 team in the EAFL in 2022.

The South Georgia Mustangs out of Albany will have their work cut out for them. With the Crushers and the Tigers just around the block, they will have to prove they are the dominate team out of 3 competitive neighbors. The competition does not scare this team and they are expecting to be a leading horse in race to the
The Georgia Crushers who spent their first season in the APDFL look to build on their first year as an organization. They have a dedicated owner and a core of players to build on. The Crushers are looking to crush their competition in 2022.

The Georgia Falcons come in very confident and for the most part they should. With an 8 year history, they have what it takes to not just compete in the EAFL, but to win it all. Question is, will they show up and prove it to everyone, or not?

The Northeast Georgia Wolverines may be a new team, but the owner is a veteran when it comes to Amateur Football. He looks to continue his success with the Wolverines in the EAFL.  They are expected to be highly competitive in the 2022 season.
The team from Lakeland might be called the Jokers, but there's nothing funny about them. With an experienced head coach and strong core of players this group from Polk County is looking to make a run in 2022. When it's all said and done the Lakeland Jokers might be the ones with the last laugh.
The city of Miami is no stranger to athletes, and the South Florida Lions are expecting to have plenty of them. As a new team they look to make their mark very soon in the 2022 season.  All eyes are on the Lions to see what they bring to the field.

The Georgia Colts from Atlanta will be coming in as the 4th new team in the EAFL. Will they make some noise in 2022? Better yet, will they be the best team out of Atlanta? We all will find out real soon.

The Central Florida Centurions are looking to follow in the footsteps of the 2 former great organizations out of Orlando. The Orlando Rage and the Orlando Phantoms made their mark in Amateur football nationally, but can the Centurions do the same? In 2022 we will find out!

Bold City Thunder finished the 2021 season with their first championship in their history. Now they set their sights on an EAFL championship as they continue to build a powerhouse in Jacksonville.

The South SideSaints are a new team out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Not much is known about them, but this isn't a bad thing. If they come out the gates swinging everyone will know them fairly quickly.
The Jacksonville Spartans have been around for 9 years and had their moments with good seasons. They will have to regroup and reload if they look to make some noise in the EAFL. They will have to meet up with the 2021 Champs Bold City Thunder who sit right down the road from them. 
The Georgia Falcons finished their first season reaching the playoffs in the IAFL. Even though they came up short in their first season they see potential in their future. They are expecting to be the team from Savannah to take the EAFL by storm.The Southwest Florida Jaguars will be going into their 2nd season with 2 young Owners that know what it takes to build something special. With 2 competitive and focused Owners driving this ship, they will surely get the Jaguars where they need to be in 2022. 

The Florida Jaguars got to the Championship their first season as a organization but came up short with a loss. This young team brings a lot of up side to their future and hope to be disciplined enough to compete in the EAFL. They believe they can and that's all that matters.
The Tri-County Cowboys are ready to bring back a championship to West Palm Beach. In 2022 they will get their chance as they come into the EAFL with high expectations and a team on a mission.
The Effingham Outlaws out of Georgia are a new team, but make no mistake they're ready to do some damage in the EAFL. With a great fan base and a solid team don't be surprised if their standing on top at the end.
The Jacksonville Blackhawks are no stranger to Amateur Football and have won a Championship in it's 14 year history. To win in the EAFL in 2022, they will have to take down 3 other Jacksonville teams sitting in their own backyard.
Central Florida Bulls have been around for a long time and this team from Ocala is looking to make some noise in the EAFL in 2022. They got an athletic squad, and carry some veterans that could put the Bulls in a position to battle for a spot in the Championship game at the end of the season.