6 undefeated teams left, question is who will stay undefeated?

by EAFL Nation

Almost halfway through the season and the EAFL has 6 undefeated teams who've separated themselves from the rest of the pack. Let's look closely at them and their remaining schedule. 

southwest florida gladiators: 

The Gladiators have been impressive in all their games being in control of them without any issues at all. The only bump in the road we see is the West Coast Soldiers on April 1st which should be a very interesting game to say the least. The Soldiers will come into this game undefeated also, but EAFL Nation feel that the Gladiators will be too much for the Soldiers and will come out with the win. If this holds true, then we don't see the Gladiators losing the rest of the season. 

Prediction 10-0

west coast soldiers: 

The Soldiers have a big game around the corner, and that game is against the Gladiators who have been on a tear lately. If they are able to pull off the upset in Bradenton on April 1st then they EAFL Nation feels they will go undefeated, but sadly we feel the hopes of an undefeated season will end here.

Prediction 9-1

duval raiders: 

with arguably one of the top 3 defenses in the EAFL and the best kicker in the league the Raiders have been able to win tough games when needed. Unfortunately, with rematches against the Savannah Falcons, Georgia Cobras, and the Duval Panthers down the road it's highly unlikely the Raiders will end up undefeated.

Prediction 8-2

south florida browns: 

The Browns are a solid veteran filled ball club that knows how to win games, and for the most part I see no problem on their schedule. Until the last game of the season on May 13th when they have their rematch against the Dade County Raiders. In their first matchup the Raiders had a chance to win with a 2-point conversion with under 3 minutes left in the game, but it failed, and the Brown went on to win 14-15. EAFL Nation feels this will be the day the Dade County Raiders will get their payback and knock the Browns from the ranks of the undefeated.

Prediction 9-1

Northeast georgia wolverines:  

Make no mistake, the Wolverines are for real! With a high-powered offense and a top 3 defense they have annihilated the competition so far. Only blip on their radar is the Savannah Falcons who will host the Wolverines on April 8th. EAFL Nation doesn't see them losing at all this season.

Prediction 10-0

South florida wolverines:

This is one interesting team to watch for sure. The Wolverines have quality wins and look like their headed for a great season. That being said we don't see them beating the Dade County Raiders again and their matchup against the Lakeland Jokers as they travel to Polk County April 8 could be a trap game as well.

Prediction 9-1 / 8-2

Wren Colts: 

The Colts only have 2 games under their belt but they are still undefeated at 2-0. EAFL Nation just feels there's a possible 3 to 4 loses looming down the road. Let's see if the Colts can prove us wrong, but until then we will stick to our prediction.

7-3 / 6-4