#8 Mustangs beat #7 Falcons in Overtime 12-6

by Michael Torres

Memorial Stadium was the place and the stage was set. The #7 Savannah Falcons welcomed the #8 South Georgia Mustangs from Albany. Both teams came in 1-0 Saturday night but only one would walk out 2-0. It was a defensive struggle that pushed both offenses to their limits and with under 2 minutes to play the Falcons kicker hit a short field goal to tie the game 6-6. The game went into Overtime and the Falcons would get their first Crack at it to put the game away. The Falcons couldn't move the ball but did try a 39 yard field goal to take the lead but the kick went wide right. The Mustangs took over and moved the ball all the way to the 3 yardline but couldn't get the first down on 3rd and short. So now it was 4th and short on the 3 yardline, and the Mustangs coaching staff called a time out to discuss their options. The Mustangs would not try a field goal to tie and go into a 2nd overtime, they decided to go for it on 4th and short. On the snap the Mustangs QB rolled out right and found a seam in the defense and walk in for the winning touchdown to put the score at 12-6. This is the 2 week in a row the Mustangs have beaten a higher ranked team and most likely will move into the top 5 in the EAFL Rankings. 

This is the 2nd week in a row that the "Game Of The Week" has gone into Overtime. Will we have a 3rd one next week? Time will tell.