8 teams in the play-in, but what 4 teams will move on to the first round of the playoffs.



Well, it's the end of the regular season and 12 teams have secured their spot in the EAFL 2023 first round of the playoffs. For 8 Teams they will have to do battle on Saturday, May 20th in the "Play-In Round" to move on to the 1st round of the playoff with the rest of the teams that will be waiting. Here's a breakdown of the matchups and insight on who EAFL NATION thinks will move on to the 1st round of the playoffs. 

#7 Bay Area Reapers vs #10 Dade County Raiders

This is an interesting matchup between 2 teams that expected better season, and with very high expectations. The Reapers come in as the 2022 defending champions that has taken a few loses from newcomers to the EAFL. Their only loses have come from teams in the Top 4 of the EAFL rankings. The Raiders also have a few loses from teams all in the Top 4 of the EAFL rankings but the Raiders were 1 score away from beating 3 currently undefeated teams. At the end of the day the Raiders have to make a almost 4-hour trip to St. Petersburg to play the defending champions which EAFL NATION doesn't think they will travel well enough to win. EAFL NATION has the Reapers winning.... 20-16.

#8 Miami Spartans vs #9 Southwest Florida Jaguars

The Spartans have proven that they can compete with the best in the league, but what they haven't been able to prove is that they can hold a lead and close out games. Ricky Davis Owner of the Spartans feels his team has learned their lesson and will surprise everyone in the playoffs. The Jaguars have fought all season to make it to the Play-In, but this is where EAFL NATION feels the road ends for the Jaguars... 28-13.

#7 Duval Panthers vs #10 East Coast Sharks

The first-year sharks squeezed into the playoffs the last game of the season and now set their eyes on a Panther team that looks for redemption. The Sharks have a legitimate shot at pulling off the upset, but will the Panthers leave the door open for them to do so. EAFL NATION says "NO", the Panthers will most likely control the ground game and the clock wearing down the Sharks defense.... 23-14

#8 Golden Isles Grizzles vs #9 Lake County Storm

Both of these teams are pretty even and play similar styles when it comes to football. They like to ground and pound it most of the game and then the QB's like to get outside the pocket to make things happen. This is a simple one to breakdown, whoever controls the ground game will win this game, and EAFL Nation feels that will be the Grizzles as they will win at home....18-13