Are the south florida brown the sleeper team in 2023?

by EAFL Nation

There's been a lot of movement going on in the last few months and it's not clear who is the front runner at the moment. EAFL nations feels that the Dade County Raiders,  Bay Area Reapers, West Coast Soldiers, Southwest Florida Gladiators, and the Georgia Cobras are the favorites at this point, with other teams on their heels. With 40 teams in the league no one is sure what is actually really going to happen, and what 2 teams got the best chance to meet for the 2023 Elite Bowl Championship game on June 24, 2023. 

All that being said there's one team that is creating a little buzz down south in Florida, and that team is the South Florida Browns. Now you might ask why the South Florida Browns? What's all the buzz about? Well here's what we know:

1) The once Hollywood Browns were a powerhouse winning back to back championships in 2015-2016

2) Their return has built a strong Organization.

3) They have picked up many players from the Magic City Bulls who no longer are in operation.

4) They've acquired Coaches from the Magic City Bulls and the Bulls former Owner as their GM.

With this on their side it makes for an interesting debate on what kind of team they will be able to field in 2023. So could the now South Florida Browns run the table and find themselves in the championship game in June 2023? Maybe, or maybe not. One thing is for sure whoever plays the Browns week one will find out first hand if they will be a force to be reckoned with the remainder of the season.