Big Competition, Big Payout

by EAFL Staff

The Elite American Football League is a strict league with high standards. This is not a league for organizations that can't follow rules, or carry themselves professionally. Those that are willing to do what's necessary to achieve these standards will be rewarded with the opportunity to battle for 4 of the tops spots, and win some money. One team will claim the $10,000 prize and the runner up $3,000 which is a good payout for 2nd place. Along with that we feel the 2 teams that make it to the Conference Championship game deserves to be rewarded for their efforts. 

Time to step up and show that you're one of the top 4 organizations in the EAFL, and claim your prize. With the biggest payout know across the country. The EAFL is here to prove they mean business, and want to reward Owners/Teams that do the things to be ELITE!