bowl bash 2023 "reapers vs reapers"

by EAFL Nation

There's been a lot of trash talk and battle lines drawn between the only 2 Reaper organizations in the state of Florida. One is a 20 year veteran organization with deep roots in amateur football, and the other just coming off a 13-0 season winning a championship. The Southeast Florida reapers have played some of the best competition the state of Florida has to offer in the last 2 decades. Even though never winning a championship in their long history they've been known as a very tough team to deal with. The S.E. Florida Reapers really don't feel the Reapers from the Bay Area stand a change against them at all. They don't even think the championship they won holds any weight, and are ready to bring them back to reality.

The EAFL 2022 Champions the Bay Area Reapers are very proud of their accomplishments in 2022. Going undefeated and capturing the organizations first ever championship was huge for them, but some feel they did it against weak competition. One of those teams that felt that way was the S.E. Florida Reapers. The Bay Area Reapers didn't stay quiet, but instead shot back saying that they are the real Reapers, and the only Reaper team that matters in Florida. Well, all the talk ends February 11, 2023 @ 7:00pm. There's one truth that will be proven that day, that a Reaper will win, but which Reaper?