EAFL Building For The Future

by EAFL Staff

Welcome to the Elite American Football League, we look to build what everyone's been waiting for, an ELITE league to showcase the best in amateur football. The Elite American Football League is not looking to be here for just football games, we're here to build a powerhouse league that offers more to it's owners and players. To many leagues have promised things and have fallen short, well it's time to change the landscape of amateur football once and for all. Of course it will take a lot of hard work from the EAFL staff and dedicated Owner, but we are committed in doing so. Nothing will come easy and we expect to come across a few bumps in the road, but that will not stop us in reaching our goals. Those Owners and Players that wanted more out of a league, here we are! 

To be ELITE you must be Dedicated, Persistent, Committed, Resilient, Positive, and Relentless

"Who Wants To Be ELITE"