EAFL moving into alabama for the 2024 season


The Elite American Football League in its first 2 years has experienced growth in Florida and Georgia. In it's first year in operation in 2022 it went from 21 teams to 40 teams in 2024. With teams covering almost every inch of Florida and having multiple teams in Georgia the EAFL has become one of the strongest leagues in the Nation in just 2 years. In 2024 the EAFL is looking at potentially having 6 to 9 teams in Alabama which will make the EAFL the premier league in the Nations hands down with teams from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama all in one league. There has never been this many teams from each one of these states all in one league battling out for the biggest payout in the Nation. The EAFL set the bar with a $20,000 payout in 2022, and then pushing up the bar to 24,000 in 2023. What will the EAFL do in 2024 no one knows, but one thing we all know is it will be another milestone in the landscape of Amateur Football. The EAFL has never looked to copy or match what other leagues do, they just wanted to do what they felt was best for Amateur Football. With the Addition of the Alabama teams in 2024 the EAFL is well on its way to continuing its dominance in the Amateur Football landscape.