Once Championship Brothers, now cross town rivals

by Phantom Nation

The Undefeated 13-0 reapers were riding high capturing there first League Championship  in franchise history when the word dropped that the West Coast Soldiers were coming back. The question was how many reapers would be leaving to go back to their old team the Soldiers. There's no way after going 13-0 and winning a championship would anyone think about leaving the Reapers, right? Well think again, because a few did including their championship QB Nick Martino. Was it expected that some players would go back to their old team, maybe, but after winning a championship???? The offseason has had fireworks as both players and coached have taken to social media to express their feeling on the matter. All EAFL Nation is going to say is it's going to be a WAR when these 2 meet up in 2023. The reapers have added key additions to their roster that will only strengthen them, but the Soldiers feel confident that taking care of the Reapers on the field won't be much of a problem. Well, pull out you favorite sit and go get your popcorn because when these teams meet you're not going to want to miss one second of this game.