Outlaws - Sharks - Broncos battle for the last spot in the North elite playoffs



May 13th 3 teams will battle for the final spot in the Playoffs at #10. It may seem complicated with all the scenarios that need to happen to figure out what each team needs to do to secure the #10 spot, here are the scenarios:

1) Pooler Broncos:  All they have to do is win and their in, it's that simple for the Broncos.

2) Effingham Outlaws:  They need to win Saturday night, hope that the Broncos lose, and they also need to score more points than the East Coast Sharks if they win.

3) East Coast Sharks: They have the same path as the Outlaws, win and put more points than the Outlaws if they are to win, and secure the #10 spot.

So who will do what's needed to be done when it's all said and done? Who will crack, and who won't? It will come down to who wants it bad enough...