S.W.F. Gladiators make epic comeback to win 37-36 against the Miami Spartans

by EAFL Nation

Right out the gates the Miami Spartans came out swinging and landing some heavy blows. They had everything going for them in the first half with the score at one point at 28-7. This game seemed to be a blowout and it looked like the Gladiators would suffer their first loss in the EAFL. Only thing is someone forgot to tell the Gladiators that it was time for them to pack up and go home. With a QB change to #8 Demarcus Sexil in the 2nd half it seemed like a whole different Gladiator team showed up to play. The QB changed sparked the Gladiators to make the impossible possible. With only 5:30 left in the game the Spartans committed a holding penalty in the endzone which caused a safety putting the Gladiators ahead 37-36 which ended up being the final score. The Move to switch the QB in the 2nd half was the difference in the Gladiators win Saturday night. 

On the other hand the Spartans, who let yet another game slip away will have to find out how to close out games when they are in striking distance, or ahead. Can the Spartans make the necessary adjustments by the end of the season to be ready when it counts, the playoffs.