QB Martino collects mvp in Soldiers blowout against Americans in bowl bash 45-10

by EAFL Nation

February 11th the EAFL had their First Annual Bowl Bash which put up the West Coast Soldiers against the Orlando Americans at Lake Brantley Stadium in Altamonte Springs Florida. Both teams were hyped up and ready to go, but only one team came out the gates like a bat out of hell. The Soldiers meant busy and exploded with 45 points in the first half. Before the Americans knew it - it was 45-2, and they had no answers for the Soldiers fire power all game. With the Soldiers high-flying offense and shutdown defense this game was over before it even started and ended 45-10. The Americans will have 2 weeks to get things on track or they will start off the season 0-1. The Soldiers feel confident and ready to move on to game 1 of the EAFL season on February 25th. Will the Soldiers build on the big win? Will the Americans recover from the tough lost? We will find out soon.

(West Coast Soldiers QB #21 Nick Martino takes home Game MVP with 2 rushing TD's and 3 passing TD's)