Then there was 4

by EAFL Nation

Bold City Thunder has had their ups and downs this season but their right where they need to be, in a position to win it all. The only previous Champion to come into the EAFL Bold City has shown everyone they have what it takes to be in the championship game on June 25th. The Thunder have delt with multiple issues through this season, on and off the field but now have come together as true champions usually do. The Thunders Defense has been its staple all season and getting stronger at the right time. In the playoffs they have held the South Georgia Mustangs to only 6 points and shutting out the #1 high powered Northeast Georgia Wolverines 8-0 in their own house. Can the Thunder make another long trip to Atlanta come June 11th and pull another upset? Owner Santee Allen says YES, and that it will not be an upset!!!

The Bay Area Reapers are the only undefeated team in the EAFL. Most games haven’t been close and the few that have been close they’ve pull them out at the end. With a productive balanced offense and a stingy defense, they’ve been able to control every game this season. Many have them winning it all and finishing undefeated, but they will have to play 2 more games that will push them to their limits. Can the Reapers win 2 more games and finish as undefeated EAFL Champions? Can their offense keep making plays and put enough points on the scoreboard? Will the defense continue its dominance in the playoffs?  This Saturday we will  find out all we need to know about the Bay Area Reapers.

The Georgia Falcons out of Atlanta are the only remaining Georgia team in the playoffs and it’s for a good reason, they’re a very good football team. Early in the season they had to deal with QB injuries which had them limping through games. Through the tough times their relentless defense has stood up to all challenges and all adversity helping to keep every game in striking distance for their offense. With their QB back and a highly productive running game they look to take some of the load off the defense this Saturday (June 11th) and put up a lot of points. The Falcons don’t believe they are the best team remaining out of the final 4, they know they’re the best team reimaging out of the final 4!

The Central Florida Bulls became a team on a mission after losing their first game of the EAFL season. They have been handling business on the field and letting everyone know they aren’t just happy to be in the final 4. With many veteran players and a veteran owner, the Bulls are confident that they will be playing for the Championship when it’s all said and done. The Bulls have a massive opportunity come June 11th to shock the EAFL. If the Bulls win this Saturday, they will no doubt be the favorites to win it all. Can the Bulls pull off the upset and beat a team that has not lost all season? Will they be able to put up enough points against one of the stingiest defenses in the EAFL? If they do then we will be seeing them in the EAFL Championship game on June 25th